10+ Rescue Dogs So Lovable They Make You Want To Adopt One Right Away

  • By Silas
  • December 14, 2018
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Adoption is the best gift

It’s not only the best gift you can give yourself, but it’s also the best you can give to your pet. Animal shelters are filled with dogs waiting for someone to take them home. When you adopt one, you give them another chance at life.

Many go out and buy puppies breeders at a hefty price mainly to showboat. I have nothing to say to them. The real heroes are the ones who take in a rescued dog. That takes sacrifice and patience of a higher degree. However, the love they get from their pet in return makes up for everything lost.

That being said, here are some doggos from Instagram having the best time of their lives. They will show you why adoption is the best option!

#1 Admiring the view

#2 Adventure on the beach

#3 Doggo can cosplay

#4 Hiding in plain sight


#5 Something ’bout your eyes

#6 Head tilts of love

#7 Flashy Christmas

#8 Morning walks can’t get any better

#9 The King of the woods

#10 One with nature

#11 Branch managers working hard

#12 You find wisdom at the unlikeliest of places

#13 A model in making

#14 Wanderlust

#15 Flaunting that facial hair

#16 Selfie Buddy

#17 Do I look good?

#18 Spread out naps

#19 The carpet is also a good bed


Huge respect for the rescuers, foster parents, and adopting families who never give up on their doggos!

Send in pictures of your adopted dogs and let people know they are worth it all!

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