Republicans Asked For ‘Obamacare Horror Stories’ And It Didn’t Go As Planned

Obamacare was one of the pivotal points for which Trump got his support.

He had promised a complete repeal, but upon getting into office, he realised that it wouldn’t be so simple. The senate was not going to allow a full repeal to go through, so instead they decided on a Repeal And Replace. Specifically the Better Care Reconciliation Act or the BCRA, also called Trumpcare.

Despite not having enough support, with only a 16% of the population thinking it’s a good idea, it is expected to come back. It will leave about 22 million Americans uninsured by 2026, so obviously people didn’t want that to happen.

Nevertheless, the Indiana Republican Party tried. They asked for “Obamacare Horror Stories” on their Facebook page, and it backfired severely.

Instead of hate for the ACA, they got this

Many, many came in to support the affordability provided by Obamacare. Fairy tale stories rather than horror

Even, and especially nurses and other medical professionals had something to say

Those who paid premiums before are finally happy that they’re getting something out of it

Those who were barely making ends meet can now afford to stay alive

Horror stories or Happily Ever Afters?

There’s nothing but love for Obamacare

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