A Reporter Asked Jonah Hill If He Was Still ‘The Fat Guy’ He Brutally Shuts Him Up

A video of Hill from 3 years ago is going viral for all the right reasons!

The video that recently resurfaced starts off with a conversation based on Hill’s weight loss journey.

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However, one particularly dumb question really got on his nerves!

Turns out, if you mess with Hill. You’re not just messing with him but the entire internet.

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Curious much? Here’s the question that fueled him up:

“Are you still considered the fat guy, when you go to a party or anything?”

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Even though Hill chose not to respond to the question, the reporter pressed on!

“Are you the fat guy in Hollywood still?”


The question crossed all the lines of fat-shaming, but Hill didn’t lose his cool even for a second! Instead, here’s how he responded:

“Do you have any other questions… that are smart?”

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But did the reporter think he would get away with it that easily?

When you have supporters and fans like Jonah Hill’s, it’s highly advisable to not mess with him. Soon after the footage of the interview resurfaced, the Twitterazi couldn’t hold back from giving the reporter a piece of their mind!

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Watch the video below:

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