Someone Replaced The Explosions With KFC Fried Chicken And I Can’t Stop Staring At Them

Whoever did this deserves to be applauded.

We all absolutely love KFC. And it’s pretty obvious why; apparently, their fried chicken is the best all over the world! Not just that, their advertisements are pretty attractive too. I mean, you just see them once, and you immediately start craving the scrumptious chicken. But some have been pretty controversial as well if you think about it. I mean, they are on top of the “most complained about commercials” list.

Remember the time they came up with those chick-scented candles. That was a little far out there, don’t you think?

Despite all that, KFC has mostly been a success over the years. And this new advertisement of their’s is turning a lot of eyes. What is it about, you ask? It’s nothing really, except their fiery, spicy fried chicken photoshopped into images of a rocket taking off and a racing car firing up. It’s actually pretty amazing once you look at it.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look!

You really won’t be able to stop looking at this. It’s just too freaking delicious to look at!

Can you feel the heat?

I like this background better than the original one.

Hey lady! Your fried chicken is not your fried chicken! Look behind you!

The mastermind behind the design of this ad, John Koay (creative director of Ogilvy & Mather) explained his idea:

Well, we were sitting at our desks one night eating KFC, thinking about how could we show the hot sensation without showing the cliché of people with tears rolling down their eyes or tongues sticking out. So we looked at the product more closely then finally realized the fried chicken also looked like something else…

Don’t they look just amazing?

And that’s how this stunning project came to life.  Not to mention the work of John’s “best retouchers out there.”

These guys photographed the chicken with careful lighting and together we worked on how to make fried chicken look like detailed explosions. It was hard but it was fun. We studied a lot of explosions… lots!

Someone tried to desaturate a piece of fried chicken and used it like the smoke from an erupting volcano.

This is how the internet is reacting to the whole chicken idea. Yes, it was created for making people hungry and make them salivate.

Now, that’s a catchy headline.


Maybe it’s used as the fuel of the rocket and the racing car. LOL

I think that’s the highest level of fried chicken there can be.

I feel what you mean.

Eww. That’s gross, man! At least don’t ruin it for the others!

SAME, I swear! I am totally drooling over it!

So are you salivating and drooling yet? If not, then you have got a serious issue.

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