10+ Things You Can Totally Relate With If You Wear Glasses

Glasses are not always so chic.

Many people have started to wear glasses mostly for ‘fashion’ and other reason might be our overuse of computers and mobiles, there are still many problems that occur for a glasses wearer.

They’re so diverse, we’ve compiled a list here for you. So if you are glasses wearer, you will definitely relate to what these Twitter users said.

#1 The foggy vision.

#2 Eating hindrance.

#3 Lying down.

4 ‘Fun’ glasses.

Via Warner Bros

#5 Friends.

#6 Blurry fingers.

#7 3D movie.

#8 Blinking.


When you realize that the smudge was actually on your glasses and not on your eye.

#9 Making it worse.

#10 Clean glasses.

Viaย ABC
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