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Only Young Moms Can Relate To These Hilariously Honest Cartoons

Only Young Moms Can Relate To These Hilariously Honest Cartoons

Some people don’t realise how hard it is to be a mom.

Especially a young mom.

Whenever I see posts on the internet about motherhood, they usually include flower crowns, a calm sleeping baby, or a nicely dressed mom holding a smiling happy baby.

It really isn’t that way.

Becoming a mom takes blood and sweat, literally. You have no idea of the sacrifices your mother made just to bring you into this world. And after that, too. So, two illustrators, Ingebritt ter Veld and Corinne de Vries, created cartoons about life as a young mom, inspired by their own experience. They’re brutally honest, painful, embarrassing and hilarious as well! Check them out:

More info:


#1 Body changes; before and after delivery.


#2 How (not) to sleep when pregnant:


#3 The Peeing Problem


#4 How to tell if you’ve plunged into motherhood


#5 Peeps who give you the creeps


#6 You deserve a prize for pumping!


#7 Disgusting things you do when becoming a mother


#8 The pain in Postpartum



#9 You know you’re a breastfeeding mom when…


#10 Memorable Firsts


#11 Things you are afraid of happening


#12 Pregnant women cry about everything.

Cheers to all the dedicated mothers out there! You are appreciated.

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