10+ Times Redditors Had The Best Answers To The Most Awkward Questions

Want to answer some weird questions?

Well, then why not go to Reddit? Because if there is one thing I’ve learned today, it is that Reddit is filled to the brim with awkward questions and people are always ready to answer these so-called important questions.

And I am not at all kidding when I say that these will change your life. So rather than reading my babbling, scroll on below and take a look at how these ‘geniuses’ answered these weird-ass questions.

Source: AskReddit

#1 Mad teacher.

#2 Adopting extrovert.

#3 Drunk f*cker.

#4 A small lie.

#5 Rational human being.

#6 Share button.

#7 Fantastic breasts.

#8 Wholesome conspiracy theory.

#9 Owning a watch.

#10 Kill each other.

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