Redditor Perfectly Explains Why Minimalism Doesn’t Really Work For The Truly Poor & We Agree

Ever wondered what it’s like to be poor?

I don’t mean living from paycheck to paycheck, you’re still living a relatively eventful life. I mean when you don’t have enough money for food-stamps, enough money for furniture or clothes, and you keep things around only as objects you can potentially sell in the future.

I was food-bank poor for a few years, sharing a very cheap apartment in a poor neighborhood. I felt guilty spending my money on anything I didn’t absolutely¬†need. But I had a lot of friends I would help out, letting them stay over for example. I wanted a couch so that I could have friends over, and offer them the couch if they needed a place to stay. I don’t remember how I got the money, but I finally had $60 for a faux leather couch from Goodwill. My neighbor saw it and offered me $50 for it, because a nice-looking faux-leather couch from Goodwill can be a fairly rare find.

Reddit user Cool-Lemon explained in a thread the problems people face while being poor, and why the suggestions of “minimalism” won’t work. Minimialism is the idea that you can buy something that is multipurpose and the right mixture of simple and complex that you can use it for both things so that you have a minimal impact on the environment.

Source: Reddit

Firstly, he explains what minimalism actually is.

He also elaborates why it isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

That people need to look and view things as they’re valued.

They have to look at things down to the mattresses they have.

There are various kinds of poverty, and this is just one extreme end of it.

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