15 Habits That Are Total Red Flags And Total Wedding Killers

Getting married is a huge decision.

You will be sharing your daily routine matters, your emotions, your aspirations and much more. It takes more than just a nice person to share something like this with. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you should check to see if your “ideal partner” has any of the following red flags.

Because if they do, you should leave them. It’s nothing but a toxic relationship if you continue.

Here’s a “heads up” list we, at RearFront, are sharing you. Any of these things is dangerous and damaging to your health and happiness.

1. Narrow minded.

Marriage is a name of complete trust. If the person does not completely trusts you, you’ll end up facing a lot of restrictions. Even the simplest of your acts could be judged negatively. So better not get involved with a person so ready to look down on everything you do.

2. Does not love animals.

Now, this does not mean that they don’t have pets. People have a myriad of reasons for not wanting pets or animals near them, but it’s about empathy and understanding.  If a person just hates animals for no good reason, they are not worth your time. Being allergic to animals is a different thing, but outright hatred for animals is not a good sign.

3. No regard for relationship rules.

No doubt marriage is quite an intimate relationship, but they all have some ground rules that the other should respect. If your partner has no regard for the mutually agreed rules in your relationship then it’s a sign of lack of respect. And that’s not good. if the person deliberately “doesn’t give a damn” about the relationship rules, stay away.

4. Does not keep promises.

Anyone who does not keep their promises isn’t someone you should waste time with. If your partner keeps breaking promises than they clearly don’t care about you. How can you marry someone who doesn’t trust you?

5. Ignores you.

Any kind of emergency can happen to anyone at anytime and people can get busy. But if your significant other has a casual habit of always prioritising meaningless babble more than you, then they’ve made their point.

6. No moments of empathy.

Believe me that self righteous, full of himself, pompous “I’m So Perfect” really isn’t all that perfect. If they think they’re better, and everything they say is better, they won’t value you. They’ll just want you to change just to fit their opinion.

7. Lots of excuses.

This is a definite red flag. I won’t encourage not to trust your significant other but if the excuses become repetitive, more lousy, and lack logic, you should have a good look. People aren’t busy, they just prioritise other things over you.

8. Never ending fights.

Having fights in a relationship is quite more than normal. You can’t always keep smiling with a person you have in such a close relationship with. The mood is not always the same and you can’t always agree with each other. But if a person just don’t know to let it go and keep burning the flame, they surely be impossible to live with long term. Instead of finding a compromise, the negative person would just try to prove that they is only the right person in the room.

9. Cuts you in conversation.

A conversation is a two way process. If they keep cutting you off and keeps talking about themselves, they are not showing you any respect for what you think. This attitude is a sign of how insignificant you are to them. Reconsider.

10. Liar.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Some small, white lies are innocent and easy to forgive. But if his lies hit the core values of your relationship i.e trust and integrity you better give it a serious thought. A stubborn liar can burn your relationship down to the ground, as well as your self esteem.

11. Clingy.

Being there for your partner is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t however means that you have to babysit your partner. Both the partners should give each other a healthy space to work properly and address the daily chores. If one is too dependent and wouldn’t let go off you there might be some trust issues. Reconsider!

12. Not a family person.

This isn’t about starting a family with you. That’s something each couple has to decide on their own, this is about how your partner treats the rest of their family. Do they talk to their mom and dad? Their siblings?

How do you think they’ll treat you if they treat blood by cutting them off?

13. Asking them to quit a nasty habit that they never get around to

Be it smoking, or drinking, or drugs, if they have promised several times to quit but never do, take a look at your relationship again. By being so casual about breaking promises that it should be a matter of concern for you. Maybe they aren’t as serious about you as you thought, and this is an important marker.

14. Immature.

Marriage is an adult thing. Being immature doesn’t mean playing with toys or doing kid stuff, it’s treating a relationship like a child would. Never serious, never understanding, never empathetic. It just means they’re not ready

15. They abuse you

If they raise their hand against you, leave. Run. Never look back. Men are victims of domestic abuse 40% of the time, and have almost no shelters to go to, according to Independent. Regardless of who or what you are, your physical and mental health is more important than the relationship.

Making the choice for your life partner must be lead by both reason and emotion. Don’t let your decision be based on happenstance and chance. Think and think well. It’s a lifelong decision and you would have to live every single day with it. We at RearFront wish you best of luck and hope you make a beautiful choice.




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