Record Label Steals And Disrespects Photographer After She Asked To Take Down Her Photos & The Chat Is Infuriating

Some people are stupid and rude at the same time.

That certainly holds true for the following record company. You see, everyone works because they have some responsibility and have to pay bills. Followers don’t help with that.

However, so many people try to get free service based on how popular they are on social media. Now, that is all good and dandy if the person giving the services is okay with that, but if not, then you have to pay them.

This record company apparently didn’t know that and was very rude to the photographer whose pictures they had stolen. She just wanted them to remove the photos and if they wanted to use them, then pay her.

But the record apparently thought that they were doing her a favor, and the whole chat just makes my blood boil.

I had reached out to the band first, asking them to politely remove it since they had violated my copyright by editing them. Whomever I was talking to was more than happy to remove the photos (which did not actually happen), and then proceeded to ask me how much I charge to get high-resolution copies for social media that they could use.

I told them how much (which is where the 50$ per photo comes from), and then I never heard anything back – which is something I deal with a lot.

However, I went and checked and they still had not taken down the photos, so I asked them again (this is where I should have just taken them down myself) but in good faith, I reached out again.

Adrienne Row-Smith

Following is how the entire exchange went down.

And the record company was angry which is truly surprising.

I mean, it is clear that they are the one at fault here.

They sound like an 18-year-old kid rather than a record label.

However, the photographer kept her cool and was surprisingly still very polite.

But the record label continued with their assault.

But she didn’t ask for that, did she?

Indeed! Followers and views don’t pay her bills.

And that is when she stopped texting them back.

I think they are the ones who need education in proper etiquette.

And just because they call themselves a ‘record label’ don’t make it so.

I would prefer to record label and band not be named, I had not intended for them to be shamed in any capacity. I just wanted to share what I had experienced as a photographer in the music industry and that it is not just one person, but a trend.

I think that just as a whole, if you’re going to be in the [photography] industry as a photographer or as a consumer, you should know the rights and the rights you might infringe upon.

You should always reach out to the individual and ask them what they are okay with in regards to sharing their content.

Furthermore, if you plan on using it to promote sales or commercial in any form, then you better be offering to pay for the time and effort and not expect it to come free.

Adrienne Row-Smith

People were also fully supportive of her.

Now that is a very good idea.

True, but I can see that she was just trying to be more polite.

I wish that she had filed a copyright claim. Would have served them right.

Who do you think is right in this argument? Should Adrienne file a copyright claim against them? Comment on below and let us know.

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