10+ Posts That Explains Why Baby Boomers Totally Suck & Need To Stop Blaming Us For Everything

I know that we are supposed to respect our elders.

But what about them respecting us? I mean, respect is mutual, and it has nothing to do with age, right? Well, that is what you and I might believe. Baby boomers, however, don’t. Who are these ‘baby boomers’ I am talking about?

Well, baby boomers are people that were born from 1946 till 1964. And while I know that not everyone is the same, following are some of the reasons why many people hate baby boomers.

#1 Because experience trumps knowledge, right?


#2 They love to ‘save’ money.

#3 Very true but I still know how to write cursive.

#4 I might take you up on that offer.

#5 Because baby boomers can’t live without pickles.

#6 They’ll realize it someday.


#7 Wait you can rotate a PDF!? What!?

#8 That is not at all surprising considering your password is ‘password.’

#9 Why would anyone cover up hardwood floors?

#10 “But I am so old!”

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