Woman’s Tweet About The Reality Of Living With Social Anxiety And It Couldn’t Be More Accurate Than This

Everybody should know a little bit more about how anxiety works. IN REAL LIFE!

Social anxiety disorder is also known as the social phobia. It Is a psychiatric disorder. It is an acute state where you have a fear of being embarrassed or humiliated in public. Unlike some other common phobias, this one can seriously affect the lifestyle of a person. Concerning how our lives work now; social gatherings, formal meetings, public performances and generally interacting with other people, it can be really tough to move in the society.

People with social anxiety are commonly mistaken as being introverts, aloof, shy, backward, too quiet or unfriendly. While in reality, they actually do want to make friends and be open and involved in social and public events but having social anxiety disorder prevents them from doing so.

As studies have shown, surprisingly, women are more prone to having social anxiety as compared to men somehow. And YouTuber and Twitter user Jessie Paige has explained it to us quite well how social anxiety works in women in real life. So read on!

Here you go. Now you’ll have a better idea of what social anxiety actually feels like.


And more people joined in, relating to the matter.



The Sinking feeling of being all alone. Sympathetic much?

It’s heartbreaking.


Ugh. Does that happen to everyone?!

I feel you.

And regretting it later and scolding yourself about it.

When you just keep thinking over and over again whether you should do it or not…

Telling people with anxiety disorder to stop being anxious. WOW! What advice!



In short, just masking your feelings and your thoughts and pretending to be someone you’re not.


Regretting every small decision you make.


And to conclude it… It’s just the worse really.


Would you agree with what Paige has pointed out? Do you have anything to share with others about how you feel when those panic attacks hit? Do comment below because you matter as much as anyone else!

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