10+ Comics That Depict The Hilarious Reality Of Living With A Cat

Living with a cat can be difficult.

It’s like being ordered around by a miniature god. “Give me food, clean my litter, pet me.” But cats can also be our best friends if they’re tired of being a**holes.

A cartoonist called “Bang!” perfectly summed up what living with a cat is like. They are the artist behind Seebangnow comics and have been drawing since three years. You’ll find their comics highly relatable. See below:

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#1 It’s not what it looks like!

 #2 Choking on cat hair hazard.

#3 Screw you, human

#4 Everywhere is the vomitorium at my home.

#5 Cat puns furever!

#6 The couch is my enemy!

#7 So you can’t see my evil actions.

#8 Yes.

#9 It is constant.

#10 Keep your distance!


#12 Not easily amused.

#13 They can be nice too.

#14 It’s a trap!

#15 We belong to him.

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