Artist Hilariously Depicts The Reality Of Adulthood With These Incredibly Relatable Illustrations

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 23, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

We often think that adulthood is when you’ve got life figured out.

The truth couldn’t be further from the notion. Adults are basically overgrown children, fumbling through life like the rest of us. They do not have life figured out, they do not have themselves figured out, they do not proceed with meticulous planning. Adults are in as much confusion and panic as teenagers, they’ve just gotten better at hiding it.

Chaz Hutton is a writer and doodler that creates simple little illustrations on sticky notes to show how adulthood is truly like. They’re honest, hilarious, and definitely a great way to poke fun at life.

Source: Instagram | medium.com (h/t: designtaxiaplus)

#1 Farting in public.

#2 Love for dog vs love for people.

#3 Just cat things

#4 Cleaning up a messy room.

#5 Dieting cycle.

#6 How directions work.

#7 Distance to bacon.

#8 Thought process of dog.

#9 Ball is love, ball is life.

#10 Dog domestication.

#11 Drinking.

#12 Energy.

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