19 Tweets That Are Too Damn Real For Dog Owners

Dog’s are great, and whoever would like to argue with me on that probably has no soul. I mean how can you look at a cute dog and not instantly melt into a watery puddle. We might love them with all our hearts, But dogs still like to get into stupid shenanigans. And make that much more work for us.

It’s like all the dog owners have a private community, as everyone dog owner can relate to another. The following tweets show us what every dog owner has to go through, and I am quite sure many of you will relate to these.

#1 He has everything a dog would ever need right here in the car.


#2 Having a dog counts as family too and do you think a dog is cheap.?



#3 Someone should research about the language that dogs speak. Isn’t someone already doing that?



#4 Dogs can pass judgment too.



#5 Have some shame.!



#6 What.? He was outnumbered.

#7 Who could say no to those eyes.?



#8 Maybe, Someday we will be able to do that.


#9 Wow! That’s record time right there.


#10 We would never like to admit it, but we all do.


#11 How would you feel, if you were stuck in the house all day?



#12 Without him, I don’t know what I would have done.

#13 My bucket list for a perfect life.



#14 Don’t worry; I’ll make her exercise later.


#15 He is sociable as always, Can he help with my anxiety of being around people.?


#16 The best ball player right here.



#17 Even dogs get tired sometimes. Give him a break will ya.?



#18 Well, he doesn’t judge me for anything or tells me what to do.



#19 He might get scared sitting in the back.


See? Everyone needs a dog. You might have thought, your life is great but its never awesome until you get a dog.

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