10 Real Photos Of Real Places That’ll Make You Shout FAKE!

#1 West Kamokuna lava skylight, Hawaii

Laszlo Kestay. 1996

It looks like the gates of hell, with the souls of the damned spilling into the burning oblivion. Our imaginations can go wild with possibilities, but there is a legitimate reason for this strange formation. There are different lava flows that have cooled down in weird layers. You can watch the complete Youtube video here.

#2 Hodge Close Quarry, near Coniston in the Lake District

Peter Bardsley

If you can’t see why it’s so creepy, tilt your head to the left. See the skull now? I freaked out when I first saw it too! This is goddamn terrifying!

#3 Sharper Image distribution center

France’s Polygone Riviera

And indoor-outdoor shopping district, this building is a monument to the “evils” of capitalism in France.

#4 Delaware State University’s Optical Science Center for Applied Research

Delaware State University’s Optical Science Center for Applied Research

Anyone remember the Predator movies? The Yautja had the ability to turn themselves invisible! And someone’s designed a building that’s appears to be transparent. It’s a Predator building! The Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR) better watch out for Schwarzenegger

#5 Bleeding San Fransico Bay

Doc Searls

The red hue is caused by the brine shrimp and the high salt content.

#6 The huge crack in the Earth


It looks like the Earth has a major crack in it, but what you’re looking at is a 1250 mile long border between Pakistan and India. While I don’t understand why you need to have a border that’s visible from space, at least it stops any sort of international conflict.


#7 Japan’s Wisteria Wonderland

Fukuoka, Japan

These flowers have been cultivated into shapes of tunnels and domes for decades. Depending on the time and angle, this place can be the backdrop of a Disney movie and no one would be able to tell you otherwise.

#8 Lencois Maranhenses


Allow me to present to you a dry desert that gets five times too much rain to be a desert. Because of how much rain and wind it gets, the area becomes almost beach like. Miles upon miles of beach, all in one location. Sounds too good to be true, right?

#9 Bouncing Earth

Gif from Youtube.

Siberian Researchers uploaded a video where they come across something absolutely strange in Siberia’s tundra. There appears to be a literal bubble under the surface causing it to bounce.

 #10 Lake Abraham in Alberta, Canada


Emmanual Coupe

This chillingly beautiful lake looks the way it does, not because of angry snowmen trapped under the surface. But rather, bubbles of gases frozen to look like snowballs. It’s one of the most gorgeous looking places ever.

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