40 Of The Funniest Reactions By Twitter To The New ‘GOT’ Episode Beyond The Wall

Twitter’s Reaction To Everything Is Always Hilarious.

This Post Will Contain Spoilers Of Season 7 Episode 6.

That might be because of all the memes. In this case however, I fully agree with all of the following posts. I mean come on! This episode left us all practically shell shocked. I mean who would have thought Drogon would have gone down that easy.

Honestly, I don’t care if they kill humans in the show but dragons really? I am sure the whole ‘beyond the wall’ battle had all us biting our nails. So following is some of Twitter users reaction to new episode.

#1 Never Cross This Line.

#2 And It Never Will.

#3 My Paperbag Popped In The First Two Seconds.

#4 Really? Then What Is With All The Longing Looks?

#5 And Yet He Succeeded Or Did He?

#6 Drunk Dwarf For The Win.

#7 Then You Realize All Your Nails Are Gone.

#8 Yet He Had A Weapon For Killing Dragons. I Wonder Why?

#9 His Big War Hammer Didn’t Help Much Did It?

#10 Because Game Of Thrones?

#11 Don’t Even Know What To Say To This.

#12 That Is The Magic Of Game Of Thrones.

#13 Nobody Should Disturb A Person Who Is Watching GOT.

#14 I Think He Was A Bit More Faster.

#15 A Moment Of Silence For Thoros.

#16 Do It! Just Do It!


#17 Game Of Thrones Ya’ll.

#18 Always And Forever.

#19 We All Are.

#20 When You Don’t Know If You Are A White-walker Or Not.


#21 That Is Exactly How It Went.

#22 Yes She Had Time To Shop After Drogo Got Killed.


#23 All We Care About Is Her Awesome Outfit.

#24 Sometimes Running Away Is The Best option. Too Bad They Didn’t Have That.


#25 You Die!

#26 Game Of Thrones Is All About Cool Clothes.

#27 And He Was Able To Capture The Rare Pokemon, The White Walker.

#28 They Areย Set On Fast Delivery This Season.

#29 How Come You Didn’t Bring Me One?


#30 I Almost Choked.

#31ย Fetch Is Never Going To Happen.

#32 Game Of Thrones Gives You Whiplash.

#33 She Totally Knew What Was Going TO Happen So She Was ready.

#34 She Has A Lot Of Time When She Is Not Giving Jon Longing Looks.

#35 She Wishes That She Would Have Listened To Tyrion Now.

#36 I Bet They Are.

#37 ‘Dumb Cunt’ Line Of The Year.

#38 He Is Still Hiding Deep Beneath This Temporary Persona.

#39 ‘Fuck It’ย 

#40 Game Of Thrones Is The Leading cause Of Anxiety These Days.




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