A Women Is Re-Creating Instagram Model Bikini Pictures And It Is Hilarious

Instagram Modeling Can Be Very Hard.

Especially if you have no amount of flexibility in your body. Instagram modeling has become huge in the past few years. Many people have been paying attention to it. However, no matter how much you wish to be an Instagram model, it is not as easy as it seems.

Celeste Barber can prove that. She is a comedian and is pretty famous on Instagram for re-creating Instagram model pictures. Some musicians, models, actresses are always posting these gorgeous pictures showing off their fabulous bodies. Celeste Barber, however, shows us the reality of an average human being all the while making us laugh.

Reality Is Not Perfect.

She has been famous for quite a while. However, her Instagram is always changing every season. Since it is beach season, she is letting it all hang out. She is also showing us how hard making those frivolous poses can be.

The Perfect Curve.

When You Are Not That Flexible.

Pink Is Not The New Black.

Yoga Is Already Insanely Hard On The Ground.

When You Want To Impress Your Crush But End Up Failing.

Following are some of the non-bikini pictures that she has posted recently. Her Instagram is filled with her amazing recreations. So if you want a laugh or two, you better take a look at her Instagram.

Yup, This Sums It Up.

When You Think You Look Fierce.

She Obviously Made The Right Choice.

When You Are Out Of Toilet Paper Again.

When You’d Rather Make A Food Baby.

What You Think You Look Like Vs What You Actually Look Like.

This Makes Me Just As Sad.

When You Really Like To Dance.

Exactly What I Had Imagined.

When It Is Too Hot, So You Want To Rip Your Shirt All Sexy.

I Can’t Even Tell The Difference.

What Better Way To End This Than This:


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