10+ Dark Racoon Comics From ‘CoonComics’ That Depict Adult Life Hilariously And Are Too Real

Adult life is complicated.

And how do we cope with it? By looking at memes and comics, of course. Well, that’s pretty much what Carissa Kaye Powell a.k.a. Simkaye does.

“After a few friends and coworkers likened me to a racoon, I began drawing Coon to document my internal dialogue and domestic misadventures,” the artist wrote. So the comedy is a bit dark, but hilarious anyway. “I enjoy creating art inspired by comedy, the Southwest, and promoting wildlife conservation,” said the Dallas-based artist.

Scroll below to see the highly relatable comics for yourself:

Source: cooncomic.com | simkaye.com | Facebook | Instagram

#1 Everyone is the same. I hate them equally.

#2 Money? What money?

#3 I’d like a refund.

#4 *After 5 minutes* Is it still Thursday?

#5 I just don’t get it.

#6 “Fitness whole pizza in my mouth.”

#7 I take that back.

#8 People who say money can’t buy happiness are lying.

 #9 When you try to be productive but start thinking about life instead.

 #10 True representation of when you are absolutely done with everybody’s shit.

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