Racist Neighbour Gets Subtle But Effective Revenge For Constantly Calling Security On 11 Year Resident

A Mexican looking guy who is not Mexican kept having security called on him by a racist neighbour

The guy, whose name we don’t know, is the son of a Portugese/Japanese and a Swede/German. He’s pretty multi-ethnic, and he’s been living in a community for about 11 years. Despite that, his neighbour keeps calling security on him when he’s out walking his dogs.

The man’s friend, SharkswithFrigginLazerBeams, shared this story. The revenge he took for consistently having to deal with security is somewhat… poetic.

Here’s some context.

The man is gay, but he’s subtle about it. By picking rainbow text for his neighbour.

The racist woman replied by sending the homosexual a homophobic letter.

His response? Puta. Also in rainbows.

In case you didn’t know, puta means whore in Spanish.

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