Grandma Accidentally Bought This R-rated Book For A Six-Year-Old & The Internet Is Laughing Hysterically

Everyone makes mistakes.

But every now and then, they give rise to something amazing and hilarious. These mistakes may leave us embarrassed and mortified, but it’s always funny when it happens to someone else.

You see, a Grandma wanted to giver her grand-child a gift. Turns out, the gift wasn’t as innocent as it seemed. The gift was actually an R-rated book. But you can’t blame her.

Ever heard the saying ‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’? Well this definitely applies here. The mother Tiffany1985B wanted to share the events with everyone else, and good lord.


Unsurprisingly, Twitter Wanted More.


And We Are Glad That She Did.


The Book Was Also Surprisingly Quite Realistic.


That Would Be Expected No?


It Says Something Much More Accurate.


We Approve Of This Book. (Not For Children Though.)


I See A Meme In The Making.

I Searched. No Such Luck.


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