Men On Reddit Answered The Craziest Questions Asked By Women About Male Gender

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 9, 2018
  • 5 minutes read

Ever wondered what was on the mind of a man?

Women have. Countless times. Sure, we’re the same species, but the mind of a man is as alien to women as a woman’s mind is to men. Albeit, men are simpler. But despite that, there are countless burning questions women have that only men can answer.

For example, when we take a bath, does our penis float?

The answer to these and many other private questions are here below:

#1 What’s your perfect date?

First date: going somewhere casual to eat (not “dinner date”), then going to the park to hang out/play on the stuff, all while talking about life and figuring out who the person is. Perfect would be getting to that point without any hassle/bullshit, and also resulting in mutual interest, and thus a partner.

Not first dates: anything where both parties are free from outside stresses and are free to just be themselves without worries of the world and distractions.


#2 When you take a bath, does your penis float?

More than that, our balls also float, and if the air is cool and the water is hot and the balls are caught between both, they will actually move of their own volition, expanding and contracting like they are a separate organism.


#3 What’s going through your mind when I ask if you notice anything different about me?

 Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit…


#4 Who teaches guys urinal etiquette?

All it takes is one time of dropping your pants and undies to the floor for you to realize that is not proper procedure to pee butt ass naked, standing uncomfortably close to another dude.


#5 Do you like girls that wear makeup, do their nails and stuff or that dont do that? Do you find girls/women that like guns hot or appealing? What’s your favorite trait of a girl?

Yes, I like it when girls wear makeup. Yes, I like it when they don’t wear makeup. Yes, I like girls who like guns. Perhaps unsurprisingly, women who are passionate about their interests are exceptionally attractive. Personally, I like women who seem like they’re able to take care of themselves.


#6 What does it really feel like to be hit in the balls? Like could you compare it to another experience (like being hurt somewhere else) because every time I’ve ever asked guys they just say it’s really hurts and that’s it.

Imagine the shock of straddling an electric fence. A sharp pain followed by radiating agony up into the stomach and chest that only the sweet release of death can remedy.


don’t forget the lingering feeling that you’re about to explode with diarrhea that could last a fair bit of time.


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