31 Times Tumblr Had Honest Questions About Disney

Disney has always been a source of magical wonder for us, especially during our childhoods when they enchanted us all with their magical songs, traditional fairy tales and now with their more modern stories. However, when we start to get older, we start to question the things we just took for granted when we were small and completely under the thumb of the Disney cooperation… and what better place is there to question what we loved as children than Tumblr?

So if you’ve ever wondered about anything to do with any beloved Disney movie, look no further as Tumblr asks the questions you may never have considered and gives answers you never knew you needed. Scroll through our list and get ready for your mind to be blown… (did anyone else know what the opening words to the Lion King were without this?)

#1. Firstly, there’s this realisation that will ruin your childhood.


#2. When we found out the most evil villain was the one in red check…


#3. C’mon, we all want this job.


#4. This may be the future of many little girls whose parents loved Disney that much.

timelordes.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#5. What the live action remake would look like.


cokeflow.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#6. When this villain suddenly makes a lot more sense.

starvingfartist.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#7. This is actually very clever… well played Disney.


#8. We all need Hades in our lives.



#9. Well, when you put it that way…

bossard.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#10. When it was clear who the original fashion icon was.

littlekingjulienthings.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#11. Somebody please make this movie! Please!

sweetmotherofpie.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#12. When you never noticed this blatant asking for sex in a Disney movie.

nicholascagefortwelfthdoctor.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#13. This perfect crossover.

starvingfartist.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#14. Just so many of them…

justforthism0ment.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#15. When these people decided not to grow up.


#16. I also need a movie with this like I need air.

lights-over-arbys.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#17. When ultimate Disney was achieved.

neverrlaand.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#18. He really was the best character there.

ineverlikedtheopeningsentence.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#19. When you realised this is how every heroine solved their problem- weeping on the nearest object.

thedisneyprincess.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#20. Now this is seriously clever… again kudos to Disney.

mermaidchan05.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#21. As is this powerful piece of symbolism.


#22. When you discovered exactly what you needed to do to be a Disney villain.

cyborglovesong.tumblr.com via imgur.com


#23. This feels like it shouldn’t be real…

strawberro.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#24. When this guy got very deep and then disappeared…

wellthisisverymuch.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#25. Step 2 to being a Disney Villain- green and lots of it.

djpaige.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#26. When you discovered the meaning of those legendary words…


#27. When two posts really shouldn’t align…

bricksandivy.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#28. When Hans got what he deserved.

balconyscene.tumblr.com via imgur.com

#29. We’re always watching Mickey, always watching…


#30. This truth about Greek Mythology.


#31. And lastly, this truth about world history that just hits home.

theuppitynegras.tumblr.com via imgur.com
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