A Woman’s Purity Certificate Went Viral. Time To Talk About That Whole ‘Virginity’ Thing

What’s a virgin?

Someone that hasn’t had sex before? Then… Does oral sex count? Anal sex? Or is just vaginal sex? If it’s the latter, then how can you tell if a guy is a virgin or not? I mean, with women, at least you can check for whether or not the hymen is intact, right?


See, there really isn’t any way we can define what a virgin is. If it’s just vaginal sex, then do gay people die virgins? Recently, a woman’s purity certificate went viral. A doctor checked for whether or not the woman’s hymen was intact and gave her proof of virginity.

Image via ABC News/YouTube.

Unfortunately, like I said before, that’s not a very accurate assessment.

Some people might even be born with hymens that are not intact. Does that mean they’re not born virgins? Further, what happens if the hymen tears because of other reasons, such as horseback riding or gymnastics? Are the women no longer virgins despite never having sex?

So if that test doesn’t work, what does?

Before we discuss that question, let me ask you another. Why does it matter? Is a woman more or less valuable depending on whether or not a membrane has been torn? Or is it a matter of sex?

The answer, to put it bluntly, is that virginity is a social thing, not a biological thing.

Despite the fact that there is no test for it, since we don’t even know what virginity means, there are still customs around it. During weddings, there are purity balls, where the father hands his daughter off to the husband, a way of giving away protection over her ill-defined “sanctity”.

Image via ABC News/YouTube.

So how can we fix it?

By teaching people exactly what goes on in their bodies. Comprehensive education with facts and detail is better for them and their lives than remaining blind to it till it happens. All that does is lower their understanding and reduce necessity for contraceptives. Which will result in more pregnancies, and crappier lives.

Basically, teach people what crazy stuff goes on in their bodies.

Jessica Venti, the author of The Purity Myth, wrote:

The purity myth is the lie that women’s sexuality has some bearing on who we are and how good we are. Because, really, I think that we all know that young women are so much more than whether or not they have sex.

We really should be teaching our daughters that our ability to be good people is based on their intelligence, their compassion, their kindness — not what they do with their bodies.

So, really, people need to be more forthcoming about information. Especially about sex. Teenagers will have it whether or not you want them do. Just make sure they do it safely.

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