10+ Pugs With Deepest Thoughts That Will Leave You Thinking

Pugs are the best.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all breeds of dogs just as much, but you have to agree that pugs might be the most adorable at times. I mean, just look at their beady eyes! That is why today we will venture into the mind of a pug.

What do you think they are thinking all of the time? I personally think they are quite deep thinkers and are much more intelligent than we give them credit for. So that is the reason, we will explore these ‘deep thoughts’.

Be warned though, as after reading these, you might not be able to look at a pug the same way ever again.

Source: Crazy Hyena

#1 Damn, what will I do when the big bad vacuum comes for me again!?

#2 Exactly! Just blame some of your farts on him.

#3 How could she not love that face!? This is too sad.

#4 Maybe try removing the grey filter, It might help.

#5 Well, at least this little pug had good intentions, and that is all that matters.

#6 How could that happen!?

#7 Next time just say your cat scratched your homework. It will work much better.

#8 This is too adorable for me.

#9 Of course I did, who said otherwise?

#10 Don’t worry; you will be able to do everything you want on time.

#11 What will grow back?

What do you think your pug thinks about all the time? Did these put a smile on your face? Comment down below and let us know.

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