10+ Photos That Prove That Cats Are Absolutely Petty And Assholes All The Time

Nobody Can Argue With The Fact That Cats Are Assholes.

However, that doesn’t mean we love them any less. Because we all secretly know that cats are better than us. So it is fine if they act like it. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats and will for the rest of my life. Why? Because they are wonderful and adorable.

They are petty none the less. Don’t worry; we have proof too. So take a look at the following photos that we have compiled for you that will prove once and for all that cats are petty assholes.

#1 Not That Different From Humans Then.


#2 If I Can’t Get In, No One Can.


#3 Never Seen It In My Life.

#4 They Make Sure They Are Always Number 1.

#5 What Did You Expect? Cats Don’t Like To Be Upstaged.

#6 This Cat Likes The Finer Things In Life.

#7 It Is Pretty Easy To Tell When They Are Angry.

#8 Their Evil Glares Are The Best.

#9 Cats Get What They Want.

#10 Well You Were Not Too Far Off.

#11 When Are They Not?

#12 Cats Are The Best Nonetheless.

#13 Because Books Are The Comfiest.

Via imgur

#14 The Dog Doesn’t Look Too Unhappy.

Via imgur

#15 We Love Them Anyway.

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