Protesting Mom Answers Son’s Homework On Islam For Him, Doesn’t Get The Response She Expects

No matter where or when you are, there will always be crappy people around you.

Whether it’s your work boss, or your neighbour, or even your student’s mother, there will be people who you don’t like. But usually, they have good reason! I mean, the reason your neighbour is so suspicious of you all the time could possibly be because they got robbed once?

Or your student’s mother is worried about the content her child is learning.

Unfortunately, that’s only usually the case. Sometimes, you run into situations where there really isn’t any reason for doing what they do, except they’re just that type of people. Enter the mother of a child who was being taught about Islam, like they teach every other religion.

Source: Fox 5 NY/Facebook

Her son was assigned a task about listing the five pillars of Islam

She replied with:

“My son WILL not be part of this in any sort of way. This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake. If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer… “

And when she posted it on Facebook, she further elaborated,

“This is the seventh graders schoolbook here in Bakersfield for history. This is the assignment that accompanied it.”

The mother, Tara Cali, is obviously extremely angry with the homework. The QR code links to an adhan to prayer from the Blue Moswue in Istanbul.

She deleted it once it went viral since the comments were not in her favour.

Eryn Tyler said:

“Let me first say, I’m a Christian, but I feel like you’re taking this a little far. This is apart of World History. It’s not to force religion upon your child… Remember that the teaching method is standardized. So that’s a California thing. So good luck trying to find a different school that’s NOT going to teach that textbook in this state.”

Taylor Nousc said:

“The only thing I see here is how closed minded you are. I’m not very religious but last time I checked, Christianity promoted forgiveness, understanding, treating others with respect, and do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.”

Despite what you might believe about Islam, this is not acceptable behaviour. Education and knowledge, no matter what thereof, should not be stifled, in any way. And on the topic of Islam, know that there are billions of Muslims. If they were how people like Cali perceived them to be, then the world will already be gone.

Close-mindedness is not a pretty look on anyone.

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