10+ People Shared The Most Genius Ways To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Jerk Pets & Its Side-Splitting

#21 How About Only A Frame Of A Christmas Tree?


#22 She Can’t Stop Staring At It And Meows With Anger


#23 Um, Am I Seeing It Right Or Is The Tree Anti-Gravity?


#24 Look At This Baby And Dog Proof Christmas Tree

Happy Paws Fitness Studio

#25 You Can Cage The Tree But Not The Cat

#26 My Dad’s Way of Dog Proofing The Christmas Tree


#27 Attached To The Wall

James Bridgeforth

#28 Let Her Not Pass By.

#29 Sometimes Keeping The Correct Size Can Prevent Hazards Too.

Barb Bessen Siegel

#30 It doesn’t feel the same

Shelly Davis


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