10+ People Shared The Most Genius Ways To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Jerk Pets & Its Side-Splitting

As the holiday season is coming close, it’s time for pets to be as excited as humans – or maybe even more.

While the owners enjoy decorating houses, pets love to watch the hard work being done first. Once finished, they show their admiration by perceiving your hard work as a toy to play with. Moments later, you will see your Christmas tree lying on the floor with broken ornaments all over the place. The next thing you cannot resist is the cute face they’ll make after their silliness, but now, you can prepare for Christmas with a smarter approach.

You can have yourself a Merry Christmas with your pet and a fabulous Christmas tree too! Scroll down below to find out how:

#1 Have A Fox In The House? Let’s Put It Above Its Head.


#2 Our Dog Loves Eating Ornaments. Not Anymore.


#3 Save It With A Locker


#4 A Christmas Tree For My Dear Cat


#5 Too High to Reach. Oops.

Cole & Marmalade

#6 Even If He Climbs The Tree, Make Him Put On A Christmas Outfit for 15 mins.



#7 How Many Of These Are Still Hanging?

#8 Protect Your Favorite Tree With A Cage.

Cole and Marmalade

#9 Let me in, please?


#10 The Only Christmas Tree That Can Be Safe Without Doing Anything


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