10+ Proposals That Went As Worse As A Divorce And We Can’t Even

Proposals are hard.

You never know when to pop the all-important question, and even when you are sure, which you never are, there is the matter of where you should propose to your significant other.

‘Should you do it in a public place?’ or ‘Have a beautiful romantic evening planned?’ That is all the questions that go through your mind. But even when you think it is going amazing, it can go downhill very very quickly.

Quick advice though, make you are relatively sure that the other person will say yes.

#1 Wow, that must have hurt.

#2 Definitely not her fault.

I was proposed to and said no.

After 4 weeks of dating he got down on his knee with a HUGE diamond ring and said a huge speech along the lines of “when you know you know. Will you marry me?”

Since I barely knew the guy I flat out said no followed by “sorry…are you okay?”

He didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night and then when he dropped me home i told my roommate about it.

As i was telling her about it i get a text from him – YES A TEXT – saying “you’ve broken my heart. I never want to see you again. Goodbye. I love you.”

We were both 22 at the time.


#3 Yet the music never stopped.

#4 That is such a sweet story.

My dad proposed to my mom the night he net her. The way they explain it, they “bared their souls to each other” that might. They talked for hours uninterrupted.

And even though my dad wasn’t looking to get married, he just knew. She said no, but did say yes to another night out.

He proposed again. She said no, but again, accepted another date. This went on nearly daily for 6 months.

One night, my parents played Scrabble against each other for the first time. My mom loves Scrabble. She kicks people’s ass up and down the block, and this is a woman who takes pride in being well read enough to serve as a quick reference thesaurus.

After a hard fought game, she lost for the first time she could remember. And my 105 pound 5 foot nothing mother swept the board and pieces of the table sending them flying across the room.

She looked at my dad and said in a fury, “Fine, I’ll marry you!” My dad responded, in classic male fashion, “Uhhh. I need to think about it.”

He thought about it, and barely 8 months after they met, my parents married in a tiny chapel in Vegas. They celebrated 23 years this year.


#5 Never spring for a cameraman.

#6 The Star Wars theme is probably not the way to go.

So I work in an airport in International Arrivals, so daily I see joyous reunions that are so filled with love that it makes me want to puke. (Can you tell I’ve been working there for a long time?)

One day, I’m sitting in my store minding my own business, when all of a sudden I hear a trombone. I’ve seen people play guitar, ukulele, saxophone, and the one time a drum set; but I’ve never heard a trombone in international arrivals. So the song starts going, and I recognize the tune…

It’s the Imperial March from Star Wars. I’m confused as fuck, and trying to find out where the hell this is coming from, so I’m scanning the crowd when I see this girl who’s face is beet red. I’m assuming she has something to do with whatever the hell is happening, so I keep my eyes on her.

She ends up walking to this guy who (surprise) is playing the trombone. He finishes up the song, passes his trombone to the person next to him (I’m assuming it was his friend), and then gets down on one knee.

The girl is about 25 feet away from me, so if there were words exchanged, I did not hear it. But, what I did see was the guy smiling, then suddenly look dejected, stand up and walk away from the girl while she just stood there with her face still red like a tomato.

That was super awkward to watch..


#7 Well, at least she said yes.

Proposed to Girlfriend after she got off work on a Monday with her favorite meal prepared, and the apartment all lit with candles, rose petals on the floor after having had a special weekend together. (she is shy and promised violence if proposed to in public)

She said No no no! No! NO! when i asked her to marry me as she came in the door to our apartment.

She worked in the medical field and had puke all over her…..

She showered and said yes.


#8 We should learn from this guy’s mistake.

#9 So never give up them?

I’ve had three or four nos depending on how you count.

First one was initially a yes. We’d had a mostly long distance romance and I proposed after a couple years, but we still hardly knew each other. After visiting her family, and spending time learning less flattering things about me, I think I became tarnished in her eyes and she broke it off.

Second one, I proposed once, she said yes, and then when she called her parents the next day they refused to recognize the engagement and pushed her to cut it off. I hadn’t met them.

Third time, same girl as second. We were engaged for a few months, even took our invite pictures. We were apart for 3 months before the wedding so I could complete a work project. During that time I had a crisis of conscience and felt like I needed a little more time. I asked her to push back the wedding, saying I loved her but I wasn’t quite ready. She simply called it off. Absolutely gutted me. And I’m sure it wrecked her too. I suspect her parents had some influence, but in the end I think it was probably for the best.

Fourth time, new girl, three years later. We’d been best friends who fell into dating. I’d gotten a new job and was leaving town and wanted to take her with me to kinda start grown-up life together.

So I proposed marriage. It was too early in the relationship (5 months) and it was a bad decision. She had a missionary opportunity that she took and left town.

Fifth time I proposed, new girl in a new town. We’d been dating a year. She said yes, and we have 3 kids and 13 mostly great years together.


#10 He must be gutted.


#11 Talk about the worst timing ever.

Oh god. I have a story!

My good friend was dating this guy for nearly two years.

I could tell things were getting a bit stale with them, one day when we went out to get lunch she told me that she was going to break it off with the guy.

She seemed far more stressed about hurting the guy, he was an alright person in my book, but anyhoo she is telling me how she is going to do it and was asking for advice.

Right in the middle of me giving her some input, the guy comes in and looks a bit frantic, she must’ve told him that she was going there to meet me.

He musters up the courage and walks right to our table, completely ignoring me, gets on one knee and pulls out the ring.

The dude was shaking so much, and I was in awe of the worst timing ever, that my mouth was open in shock. People around that I was excited so everyone gathers around the table starts cheering, the guy asks my friend and my friend just got up and walked out to her car and drove off.

I almost died from second-hand embarrassment. All I remember if gasps and snickering from the people near me and he just sat in her place looking crushed. I didn’t know what to say. I feel kinda bad so I just got the check ASAP and gave him a pat on the back.

He is doing better, the last I heard, this has been about a year now.

My friend is still recovering from the whole ordeal lol.


#12 But why!?

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#13 Never pop the question in public. The pressure is real.

Flew to Wisconsin from Texas to surprise her for college graduation. Told her all along I couldn’t make it only to surprise her. Arranged a friend to get her there and came around the corner at the perfect time.

I stupidly hired a photographer to shoot the moment and after which made it even worse. Got down on one knee and she said yes.

We went out to dinner that night and that was where the truth came out. “I only said yes because all those people were there.”

Seriously, don’t do it in public, that was the worst part. Foolishly stuck around for another 1.5 years and broke up. Shit messed me up hard and now I see a therapist regularly.


#14 She probably doesn’t want it.




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