This Teen Girl was Not Allowed To Prom Because All Dads Couldn’t Stop Staring

Many Of Us Don’t Understand The Strict Dress Code In School.

While it is necessary to wear decent clothing in school, everybody’s interpretation of ‘decent’ is different. However, prom is different. It is the one day where you get to have fun, and it can be a very important moment in a teen’s life.

Clare Ettinger was ready for her prom. She had spent a long time trying to find the perfect dress for prom, and she ended up deciding to wear a sparkly cocktail dress.

17-year-old Clare and her boyfriend James Thompson were ecstatic about going to prom together. The Prom theme was “Twilight in Paris”. They were going to finally unwind with their friends and enjoy the night or at least that’s what they thought.

She Had Landed Upon A “Gorgeous, Silver, And Sparkly” Dress.

This seemed like the perfect dress for her. She even checked to make sure that it followed the fingertip rule. Even though it was a bit close. She decided that she loved the dress too much to forgo wearing it.

The Only Rule Was That The Girls Should Keep Their Attire Semi-Formal And At A Fingertip Length. 

I Am All Dolled Up Channeling My Inner Marilyn Monroe With My Blond Hair And Red Lipstick.”

She Checked The Dresses Length Again, And It Did Comply With The Fingertip Rule.

However, When She Arrived At School, She Was Soon Confronted.

A Woman Named Ann Duncan Approached Her. “Honey, The Dress Is Too Short.”

Claire Soon Explained That The Dress Followed The Fingertip Rule. It Only Looked Short On Her Because She Was Tall And Curvy.

Claire Did Get Away With A Warning This Time. “Well, Make Sure It Stays Pulled Down. It’s Too Short.”

“When I Got Into The Ballroom I Laughed, Because I Was Surrounded By Girls In Much Shorter Dresses Than Me, Albeit They Were Shorter, And Therefore Stood Out Less In The Crowd, But It Was Still Frustrating.”

The Dance Was Also Pretty Awkward And Heavily Chaperoned.

“I Felt Violated By The Sheer Number Of Male Parents That Were Assigned To Do Nothing For Five Hours Other Than Watch Girls In Short Dresses And Heels Dance To Upbeat Music.”

“I Think That It Is Sick And Wrong That They Assigned Them To Sit On A Balcony Above Us And Look Down On Us And Single Us Out For Our Clothes Or Dancing.”

Claire Was Soon Escorted Off The Dance-floor By Ann Duncan.

She took me into a corner in the hallway, with another woman – who I’m assuming was a parent chaperons. She also told me that some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that my dancing was too provocative and that I was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thought.

Claire, however, Was Not Going To Give Up.

I never signed any documentation agreeing to adhere to any sort of dress code, and the dress code that was verbally communicated to me was followed to the letter.

Her friends tried to intervene but were shot down by Miss Duncan as ‘it was none of their business’.

That’s When Claire’s Boyfriend Had Enough.

That’s fine, she wasn’t doing anything wrong but if you’re kicking her out then the group that she came with is leaving too and you’ll need to refund all of our tickets.

Claire did not, however, want the women to ruin her night but when all respectful negotiations failed. Mrs.Duncan called a chaperone. “I will not debate with you about this!”

Claire Was Understandably Upset.

I have long legs and I was wearing a sparkly dress, I didn’t look like most of the 13-15 year old girls there, I looked like a woman. As, I am so tired of people who abuse their power to make women feel violated and ashamed. I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives.

Even The Security Guard Thought She Didn’t Do Anything Wrong.

I asked the security guy if my dress was compliant with the dress code and if he had noticed any inappropriateness in my behavior and he said he didn’t think I did anything to get kicked out but it wasn’t his call.

She Soon Took To The Internet To Let Other People Know.

It Seems like Mrs. Duncan Is Still Standing By Her Decision.

The dress was right below her butt cheeks by the time I saw her. It was very crowded. There were 500 kids there, so to be able to even say what they were looking at would be really difficult.

Claire, however, is standing by her decision. She asked a very important question. “How is it that what I look like and how I dress constitutes the level of respect you give me?”

She Was Actually Singled Out.

I was informed by more than one friend who stayed at the prom throughout the course of the evening that there was some truly dirty dancing, and that there were several couples making out and grinding on the dance floor, and yet out of a group of 500 people, only one person, (me) got thrown out for inappropriate dancing.

I think both parties could have acted a little bit different obviously but the way that it went down it was fine because people need to follow the rules.

When the lady kicked me out, they said the dads had complained about my dancing and that meant that they had to have been watching me.

This is a message to girls built like me, who can’t find jeans that fit! The girls with long legs, who are forced to prove that their dresses fit the dress code, just because they have more leg showing than most girls.

She Continued.

This is a message to the women who understand that sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you pin a dress, you’re still going to have cleavage show when you bend over. Enough with the slut shaming.

I’m not responsible for some perverted 45 years old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on. And if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem

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