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Professor’s Response To Mom Who Missed Class Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

Professor’s Response To Mom Who Missed Class Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

Recently, Morgan King, mother of Korbyn Reese, missed a class.

The 21-year-old couldn’t make it because she couldn’t find anyone to take care of her daughter. Due to this reason, she had no other choice but to stay home. When she explained herself to her professor, she got a reply very soon after.

Hey Morgan,

We wondered where you were this morning. 🙁

I am so sorry to hear that childcare issues are what caused you to miss class today.

The professor explained to her how she could catch up on the missing work, but then went a step even further.

In the future, if you are having trouble finding someone to watch Korbyn, please feel free to just BRING HER with you to class. I would be absolutely delighted to hold her while i teach, so that you can still pay attention to the class and take notes. I work for the Department of CHILD and FAMILY Studies– so how terrible would it be, if I was unwilling to have a child visit our class? I’m very serious about this offer–just bring Korbyn with you!

Let me know if there are other ways I could be supporting you!

It has deeply and thoroughly affected King

She was emotional about the whole affair, and gushed about her professor.

“I just didn’t know what else to do. I emailed my professor after class and was apologizing for missing class that day.”

“I literally started crying because it’s just so rare, especially teachers in general nowadays. The fact that somebody was willing to work with me and to excuse me from the quiz I missed and told me how to access the assignment, it just showed that she cared about more than the fact that I missed class that day.”

They even made it onto TV

It just goes to show that one small action can lead to great, overwhelming results. Hats off to Dr. Hunter and her compassion. This certainly deserves the attention it gets.

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