Twitter Is Going Crazy After This Professor Shows Up ‘Dead’ In A Coffin To Class For A Hilarious Reason

How awesome is your professor?

On a scale of one to ten? Maybe you’re not in university yet, so you have a teacher, and everyone’s got a cool teacher. Well, pull up your sleeves, because there’s competition. See, after grading the results of his class, Professor Awesome here got the bright idea to make the dad joke to end all dad jokes.

What did he do?

Well, he brought a coffin to class because their results had him ‘dead’.

Twitter lost their collective minds.

He’s a hero.

But there’s so many unanswered questions.

Buy? Rent? Are they cheap?

Why does Costco have coffins?!!!

Preparation of the plan is the best part.

Even other professors are upping their game.

The game’s afoot!


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