Professor Hilariously Trolled Student Who Missed 30 of His Classes Using A Meme & I Can’t Stop Laughing

You’ve probably already seen the “Change My Mind” meme.

It started with Steven Crowder, a conservative podcaster who has a show called “Change My Mind” in which he goes to random strangers with opposing views and asks them to convince him of their perspective. Back in February, earlier this year, he went to a university campus and got himself comfortable.

WIth a mug in his hand, a smug smile on his face, he sat behind a table with a large banner that said;



Since then, people have photoshopped their own versions on and it’s absolutely hilarious.

There’s one about the infamous pineapple on pizza debate which even the great Chef Gordon Ramsay himself said didn’t belong.

There are even some who are a little surreal.

Like how milk isn’t really milk or boob juice but rather, in full truth, cereal sauce.

It wouldn’t be complete without some Spongebob, so there was even one of those.

Recently, a university professor recreated the meme.

By the time you get to that higher level of education, everything is different and almost nothing works the same. Back in school, teachers would hound after you if you missed classes or underperformed. They don’t do that in university. If you are falling behind, you need to catch up yourself.

David Red is a professor who made sure to get that point across when a student who missed 30 of his classes called him to talk about his grades. He posted this picture with the caption:

All set for my meeting with the student that missed more than 30 classes this semester and emailed me to set up an appointment to talk about his grade.


It was brutal. What do you think?

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