Twitter’s In Tears Over Professor’s Badass Reply To Girl Using Breakup Excuse

Do you remember that gut wrenching feeling of being overdue on your assignment?

I mean, who hasn’t? You have this essay due soon, but for whatever reason, you couldn’t do it. But it’s worth 30% of your final grade, so you have to ask your professor for another chance. Will you tell them the truth? That you procrastinated until it was too late and then tried to do everything in one night? Or that maybe your partner broke up with you out of the blue and you just couldn’t focus? Perhaps, even, your dog ate your only copy?

Odds are, you’ll half-ass your excuse and hope the professor doesn’t ask too many questions. But recently, a nine-teen year old girl named Rachel Harriman decided to actually tell the truth and not half-ass the excuse. This is her:

Rachel Harriman

And as I’ve said, she elected not to lie about why she couldn’t get her assignment done, and emailed an honest letter to her professor.

She tweeted out a screenshot of the email


Twitter | @rachel_harry8

The caption read

“how are classes going”
“how is your life”

Her blunt honesty had the Twitterverse in tears

Twitter | Bryan1st0


And people came in the dozens offering assistance


They were ready to defend her honor,

And there were some who were… A different kind of help

Nevertheless, it was great on its own, just by the margin of Harriman’s guts, but it gets better. The professor replied, giving her concise and sound advice.

He wrote:

And that is some great advice if I ever heard some. Oftentimes, you just need a little bit of scenery change, or just leave all your worries behind for a few days. Simple and effective, Rachel was able to hand in her assignment next week, and her professor didn’t take off any points for her being late!

“I got a B+ on the assignment.”

Rachel Harriman

You go, girl!

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