10+ Pro Life Tips That Will Make Your Life That Much More Interesting

Tires expanding because of the heat?

Well, why not drill a hole into it so the tire can breathe? That is how this works, right? While I am well aware that people these days are always looking for great life hacks that will make their life easier.

However, what if we bring you life hacks that make your life that much harder? After all, boring old ‘useful’ life tips are so last year. So if you are looking for some wholesome shitty life tips, scroll on below and take a look.

#1 I will definitely try this the next time I smell gas.

Via dconnor1104

#2 I shit you not, this happened to me yesterday, and believe me I am still suffering from PTSD.

#3 Loophole at its best.

#4 And then you’ll never be able to pee!

Via Supreme_0verlord

#5 Good one.That is not at all mean.

Via NooticusMaximus

#6 While staring intently into his eyes.

Via SoldMyMom4Kfc

#7 Maybe I should have done this before he filed a restraining order.

#8 And you can fly in the process too.

Via LeastfavoriteVillian

#9 Run away from your problems.

Via kevindongyt

#10 Even though weed is legal in some places.

Via NevesyTriht1

#11 Until you’re completely broke because you’re gonna win anyway.

Via Arsewipe

#12 And watch as they cough and their eyes water from all the stinging.

Via brunis_martins

Have any more life tips that think can make people’s life easier? Well, don’t forget to comment down below and let us know.

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