Pregnant Dog Has Maternity Shoot, Twitter Implodes

This is how you immortalize your dog’s pregnancy.

A young woman named Elsa was ecstatic when she learned that her best friend was pregnant. She realized that it was an important moment in her and her doggo’s life, so she decided to capture the moment.

The pictures turned out to be absolutely beautiful. To make it sweeter, the pictures had the following captions.

“My best friend is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot.”

The pictures were taken by her friend, Clayton Foshaug. What she might not ever have predicted was, that the pictures would blow up Twitter. Everyone was unable to handle the level of cuteness in the following pictures.

Elsa captures Fusee’s pregnancy in the following adorable pictures.

Via Twitter

The following captions make the pictures even more cute.

Via Twitter

The pictures taken of Fusee soon went viral on Twitter, and we are happy for her.

Via Twitter

I mean, how could you say no to that face?

Via Twitter

Below are some of the many positive messages from Twitter.

Via Twitter

Elsa soon updated the World on the current situation of her lovely dog, Fusee.

Via Twitter

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Via Twitter

The new mama dog and her newborns are healthy. We at Rearfront wish her and her dog a happy life. I don’t doubt that will be happy as they have the whole Internet cheering for them.

Did you like the above pictures? Do you think it is an excellent idea to capture these movements? Or Maybe you are still hesitant about the idea? Well, please comment your thoughts on this subject matter below.

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