12 Pre-Disney Images Of “Beauty And The Beast” That Will Make You Question Everything

The tale of Beauty and the Beast is truly a tale as old as time. It’s such a classic story that adaptions are still being made today of the old French fairy tale; take the recent Disney live action movie for example. And even though the most famous version is the animated Disney film from 1991, which won our hearts with its great musical numbers and design, it is certainly not the only adaptation worth discussing.

Take a look at these 12 adaptions made long before Belle wanted more than this provincial life. Some show great imagination just like the Disney version whilst others… are just plain wacky. Have fun looking through them all, in fact, be our guest!

#1. Firstly, there’s this 19th century imagining where the Beast looks more like a warthog and Beauty just looks done with everything (maybe it’s the hat?).

Buyenlarge / Getty Images

#2. Then there’s this version from the same illustrator, where the warthog is much better dressed (I approve of the monocule) but Beauty still  doesn’t look impressed. Better luck next time maybe.  

Buyenlarge / Getty Images

#3. In this version, Beauty (who appears to have just arrived from the swinging sixties) and her bear-like Beast have a calming cup of tea. Seems quite lovely.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

#4.  Here, the Beast actually seems pretty adorable though a very medieval Beauty appears to be shy (this beast is cute compared to some others…)

Michael Nicholson / Getty Images

#5. …Like this one. I don’t know what happened to create that Beast and Beauty doesn’t even want to look (and I can’t blame the girl).

Philip And Elizabeth De Bay / Getty Images

#6. This more modern version comes from France in 1908 and shows Beauty looking divine in the glorious fashion of the day whilst her Beast looks like he may need a decent wash.

Culture Club / Getty Images

#7. In this one, a leoine Beast appears to be imploring Beauty in an argument. “You’re tearing me apart, Beauty!”

Margaret Evans Price / Buyenlarge / Getty Images

#8. This Beast from the 1940’s again looks like a warthog but this one appears to be auditioning for a role in Shakespeare.

Buyenlarge / Getty Images

#9. This image comes from the 1946 film La Belle et la Bête. I just love how haughty Beauty looks (she’s having none of it) whilst he just looks tired. So, so tired.

Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images

#10. Let’s just look at that Beast again. Marvellous.

Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images / Via gettyimages.com

#11. This Beauty and the Beast from 1975 look like they have issues; firstly his face is melting off and secondly, her dress looks like curtain material.

Ernie Leyba / Getty Images

#12. And lastly, we have this adaption starring an ’80s high school mean girl Beauty and a Beast who may look creepy but he does have some great flowing locks.

Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images / Via gettyimages.com
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