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‘Draw This Again’ Challenge Has Artists Re-Creating Their Childhood Illustrations

‘Draw This Again’ Challenge Has Artists Re-Creating Their Childhood Illustrations

We all know that Practice makes Perfect, but we rarely get the chance to see our practice bear fruit instantly. We might think we are getting better slowly but we never really see a big difference until we dig up our old work.In this day and age, everyone wants to see the results of their hard work instantly.Sadly that is not possible.

‘Draw This Again’ challenge did, however, show the gradual increase of quality in one’s art in simply two pictures and boy was I amazed. After you see these pictures, you might even get the motivation you need to start editing that dusty old script or completing that half-assed drawing you have hidden away in the attic.

1. 2005 Vs 2017 By Jade Mere

Via Jademere

Are we sure that’s not digital art?

2. Progress Of 11 Months By Itsmehoswa

Via itsmeHoswa

Only 11 months? I would at least need three years to reach that level.

3. About 10 Years Of Progress By Miles

Via Miles___

That’s progression alright.

4. Progression To Semi-Realistic Style By Abigail Diaz

Via Serfleur

They both look pretty amazing.

5. 3 Years Of Progress By Isvoc

Via isvoc

All I can say is Wow.

6. 1 Year Progress By Zary

Via zarydoesart

I might be a bit biased here but who doesn’t love Cass?

7. Draw Jessica Alba Again

Via Unknown

I refuse to believe that it’s a drawing.

8. 2008 Vs 2011 By Daria Widermanska

Via Daria Wildermanska

That’s Breathtakingly Beautiful.

9.Redraw Of My First Monster By Rifal Jaelani

Via rifalisme

Yup that’s the stuff of nightmares right here.

10. 2015 Vs 2017 by Chibi-Megimoo

Via chibi-megimoo

Now I am in the mood for some cartoons.

11. Change

Via Julia Raine

That is some real detail in the second one.

12. The First Time I Touched A Computer Vs 2017 By Eriday

Via eridey

My first paint drawing was unique and abstract, and that is my nice way of saying that it was colorful circles.

13. 15 Years Of Progress By Andantonius

Via Andantonius

Well that is creepy.

14. 2015 Vs. 2012 By Katefoxart

Via katefoxart

This one is for the secret furies in our viewers.

15. Harry Potter

Via Rona Jean

How could I resist the urge not to add this picture? I mean i grew up with the movies.


All of these pictures are fine pieces of art in their right.Every each one of them with a different and unique flair that is the small representation of the Artists that drew these. Hopefully, these pictures made you want to dig up your old work or start a new project because these sure did motivate me.

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory”
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