Mom Potty Training Her 3-Year-Old Found His Terrible Secret Drawer & He Blamed It On Dog

Motherhood can be painful.

Even though it is a beautiful thing, there will be moments where you’ll just sit at the edge of the bed with your toddler thinking “What have I done to deserve this?”

Usually, mothers go through that when their child is going through the potty training phase. Disgusting, time consuming, frustrating, I know. But it comes with the motherhood package.

That is what Phoebe Bartlett’s mother is going through.

3-Year-Old Freddie gave his mom a tough time. She had been visiting his room to smell piss, and thought it was the dog, but couldn’t find it anywhere. And then, Phoebe tweeted a photo of her little brother next to a drawer, a very yellow drawer, crying.


Yep. That is a drawer full of piss. You guessed it right.


“What happened was mum could smell wee in her room for about a week, but couldn’t find a patch from the dog, so she asked my brother if the wee was in her room,” Bartlett told BuzzFeed. “Then he opened the drawer and she screamed and said, ‘Did you do this?’ and he then said he did.”

She also explained why she thinks her brother peed in the drawer.

“He’s only 3 years old,” Bartlett told BuzzFeed. “He must have been doing it while he’s in his room watching his tablet, which is also on the drawer, and can’t be bothered to go to the toilet, so he opened the drawer and was peeing in there.”

Oh, well. Freddie definitely showed us a new level of being lazy. Moms, keep an eye on your children’s drawers!

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