10+ Posts That You Can Relate To If You’re A 2000s Kid

You can only wish you could go back!

Do you remember what it was like 10-15 years ago? Would you like to be reminded? We have these 28 posts which will take you back to those blissful days when all you had to care about was which game to play or what stationery to buy.

Go ahead and experience the nostalgia. Don’t blame me if these posts get on your nerves, though.

1. Breakups? No, THIS was the worst that could happen to us when we were little.


2. Who hasn’t done this?


3. Like a boss.

4. Remember this?

5. It was a constant battle of going back and forth.


6. You all are going down today

7. No fake beauty, bruh.

8. Kim Possible made everything possible.

9. PROMISCUOUS GIRL! No further comments needed.


10. Come on, sing along!

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