10+ Posts That Will Speak To Your Soul If You’re Just Really Bad At Flirting

Everyone isn’t as smooth as Johnny Bravo when it comes to flirting. There are some who can’t even speak to people they fancy. Let alone flirt with them. Here’s the bad news, flirting might not come naturally. However, the good news is that one day you’ll be old enough to drink legally. So, you will not remember the cringe-worthy things you might have said while trying to flirt.

For a while, anyway.

While some people take flirting like scandals to the Kardashians, the rest of us are left looking on in wonder. And of course, despair.

Here are 10+ posts that will speak to your soul if you’re just terrible at flirting:

1. I don’t flirt but when I do…

2. Can’t breathe!



3. They call her the queen of sass.


4. It’s called intergalactic flirting.


5. Dank memes > Flirting.

6. To be honest.

7. Someone, please explain.

8. *Giggles dorkily*


9. Your face, I like that shit.

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