Men Are Posting Photos Of Their Beard While Looking Straight Up & They Are Hilariously Disturbing

Men usually look better with a beard.

Usually. Recently, there’s been a trend for men to take a picture of themselves with their head tilted all the way back, and take a picture from below. It’s a really disturbing and bizarre trend, and it makes men who usually look good with beards look… Not that good.

Well, it’s 2018 and we’ve got kids snorting condoms, eating laundry pods and uploading videos of people hanging themselves on Youtube, so honestly? This is the least disturbing trend.

Just look.

#1 I have a twisted mind.


#2 It’s Beaker from Muppets.

#3 This one’s got a sense of humour.

#4 That’s just wrong.

Henkko Nieminen

#5 Hagrid, is that you?


#6 Cousin Eddie!

Warren Billups

#7 It looks like pubic hair!

#8 Looks legit to me.


#9 Some of them I can’t even look at!

#10 Looks like a backward view of a head.

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