What You Post on Social Media Says a lot About You

Today We Unveil The Hidden Meaning Behind Pictures.

Most of us like sharing pictures of ourselves. Selfies. They are a great way to show the world what you’re doing with your life at that exact moment. But we also want to present our best possible self, even if it’s not honest.

I don’t blame anyone though, we don’t always do it on purpose. We all seek a bit of approval from other people. It’s a part of what makes us human.

We have compiled the following list for your enjoyment and information. Comment your opinion down below!

#1 Selfies can reveal that you want approval from the world and you might or might not be a bit narcissistic.

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Before show…

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#2 Showing off your body in sexy apparel can mean that you are open for experiments.


#3 People who post pictures of their significant other want to show the world that they are not alone.

#4 Group photos indicate your need belonging to something. It might also indicate loneliness.


#5 Sharing pictures of your parenthood reveals how you have changed and how much that means to you.

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#6 Taking pictures with cute animals can reveal sentimentality and immaturity.

#7 Landscape photos indicate that the person is content with his/her life. However, it might also indicate the desire for tranquility.

#8 Glamour shots reveal your narcissism and need for approval.

#9 Sharing travel picture indicate the importance of social status to them. However, it might just be a way to capture an amazing memory.

#10 The following type of pictures are a way to make an announcement to the world about your success.

#11 Pictures of food show the need of self-affirmation  and self-promotion.

#12 Extreme pictures indicate that the person would like to be recognized and can also be attention-seeking.

#13 The following picture shows that the man is clearly self confident. Or he might just be putting on a facade.


#14 Pictures taken in a business environment indicate that the person is career focused and would like to show their success.

#15 Creative photos such as the following one can show the person need of being unique and their creativity.

#16 The following photo reveals that the person shows exactly who they are and are in no need of social approval. Unfiltered and honest.

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