Man Shared Some Positive Stories From 2017 That Will Warm Your Heart

2017 was a rough year for us all.

Things have gone from bad to worse in the News, and almost every single one of your favourite Hollywood director/actor has been accused of doing things that are amoral and illegal. The repercussions have been immense, and there’s a lot of fatigue around with people just tired of other people.

So one man, Jacob Atkins, sought to do that which has not been done before. Bring News that didn’t make us want to ball up and cry. And boy, this year might have gone bad for us, but in the end?

It really hasn’t been so bad.

The Great Barrier Reef is growing back.


Amazon’s Headquarters is a glorified homeless shelter.


Endangered animals are being taken off the list.


Africa is no longer plagued with HIV/AIDs.


The bees aren’t dying.


Recycling and female quotas.


More trees in the world.

Source and source.

Crime’s on the decline.


Child labour rates are on the decline.

It’s actually by 40%, and you can check it out at International Labour Office.

Parking ticket payoff.


Waved at the children’s hospital.


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