Artist Paints Breathtaking Portraits Of Zodiac Signs As Witches With Their Cats

You have never seen Zodiac signs like this.

In the past, I am sure you have seen many zodiac re-imaginations like ‘revamping them as Goddesses,’ and without a doubt, every one of them is beautiful and unique in its own way. However, I fell in love with these following paintings the first time I laid my eyes on them.

There is just something otherworldly lurking beneath these paintings. The artist behind this breathtaking art is none other than Vivien Szaniszlo who you may remember as the one who previously represented zodiac signs with life and death.

And she is back at it again with zodiac signs portrayed as witches with their cats. But these are not any normal zodiac signs. You’ll understand once you scroll on below and take a look.

About a year ago I painted a zodiac series about the difference between life and death because these signs stay with us for a lifetime. Now I would like to share with you my new astrology series. In this series, I focused on witches and cats.

I have adopted four cats. My favorite one was so little and weak when I found her. Now she’s my best friend and she’s always with me when I paint. This kitty inspired me a lot.

I tried to capture the features of each zodiac sign in an indirect and mysterious way. I hope you enjoy my work!

Source: Facebook | Instagram

#1 Capricorn.

#2 Virgo.

#3 Libra.

#4 Aquarius.

#5 Taurus.

#6 Gemini.

#7 Pisces.

#8 Cancer.

#9 Scorpio.

#10 Sagittarius.

#11 Leo.

#12 Aries.

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