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Photographer Takes Portraits Of Dogs To Help Them Find Homes

Photographer Takes Portraits Of Dogs To Help Them Find Homes

There is still some goodness left in the world.

In a world filled with people that are obsessed with “pure breeds”, mixed breed animals suffer. All animals deserve to be loved, regardless of what breed they are. And every time you think you might want a four-legged companion in life, consider adoption rather than buying from breeders.

The Humane Society of Utah promotes adoption by making portraits of dogs that are ready to find their forever homes. Pet photographer Guinnevere Shuster did an excellent job taking pictures of these adorable babies, and you need to have a look!

Check out the cute doggos ready for adoption below:

More info: | Facebook | Twitter

#1 Nero – Adopted

#2 Kenai – Adopted

#3 Floyd – Adopted

#4 Jack – Adopted

#5 Rhino – Adopted

#6 Jax – Adopted

#7 Charlie

#8 Little Bear – Adopted

#9 Bandit – Adopted

#10 Bit O’ Honey – Adopted

#11 Charlie – Adopted

#12 Lacey – Adopted

#13 Chip

#14 CJ and his brother Badger – Adopted

#15 Annie – Adopted

#16 Droopie – Adopted

#17 Roxy – Adopted

#18 Jack – Adopted

#19 Russo – Adopted

#20 Artimus – Adopted

#21 Fido – Adopted

#22 Dug – Adopted

#23 Hero – Adopted

#24 Spot – Adopted

#25 Angel – Adopted

Would you adopt one? Let us know in the comments below!

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