Pornhub Assisted This Best Man For Pulling Hilarious Speech At Friends Wedding

Weddings are an important part of one’s life.

It’s vital, and necessary, and memorable. Oftentimes it’s because of the speeches, and especially the one given by the best man. It’s a lot of pressure, after all. Everyone looks to you to say something no one else can top, something that’s unique and entertaining. Above all else, you try to gamble it all on honesty.

That’s exactly what Thom did. His best friend, Danny was getting married to the love of his life there was only one thing that could match up.

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Turns out, that because Danny travels a lot for work, he has the distinction of having the most logged in places for his… Activities.

In a video, Thom explains what ringing up Pornhub for help. Since Danny was one of their unique customers that utilised their material all across the globe, they were more than willing to help out.

It turned out better than expected.

In an interview with Refinery29, Thom said,

“Everyone at the wedding loved it. My friend’s face as it was being introduced and played was priceless! They both saw it for what is was, very good-natured humor at his expense. You can see the reactions from the crowd in the video. Wonderful.”

Here’s the original video without any background noise.

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