Pornhub’s Hilarious April Fool’s Day Prank Will Turn Your Funny Bone On

April Fool’s Day is often an excuse people have to be rude to each other.

The pranks they pull aren’t funny, they’re cruel, hurtful, even mean. Throwing a brick through someone’s car window isn’t a prank, it’s just a dick move. So, most of the time, the pranks on April Fools aren’t funny, they’re just dumb. But every so often, there is a well-executed prank that is genuinely funny, and it’s even funnier when it happens at the hands of something like… Pornhub.

Yep, if you tried to access the site on April Fool’s, you’d be greeted with a wonderfully unexpected front page.


Blow me like one of your french horns.



Yep, they created an entire section dedicated to trumpets and horns.



And they won the internet.

Even people who don’t traditionally enjoy April Fool’s loved it that day.


Pornhub never lets you down.


Last year, they fooled about sending their Pornhub history to all other social media.

Obviously, people panicked then, and they laughed about it now. I wonder what they do next year! What do you think?

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