This Man Responds To His Own Police Wanted Post And It’s Ridiculously Hilarious

Surprising things sure don’t happen every day but what exactly do we call what happened this past Wednesday?

You see, Richland WA Police Department posted their usual “Wanted Wednesday” post on facebook. The Department of Corrections was looking for the 38-year old Anthony Akers for ‘Failure to Comply.’

Police shared their contact details in the post in case if anyone has any information regarding the matter. But, who would have thought that the culprit would comment ON HIS OWN WANTED POST?

Don’t believe us? Scroll down and take a look at it yourself!

Richland WA Police

Here’s the original post with the wanted person’s photo.

It was just a regular routine until everyone saw this comment.

What’s even more surprising is that he’s actually having A CHAT with the police through Facebook comments.

No wonder why he was wanted for ‘Failure to Comply.’ This is hilarious.

This can’t get any better.

Anthony, you’re a legend!

Have you ever witnessed anything quite like this before? Comment down below and let us know what you think of this legendary man!

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